Do you need drought tolerant landscaping for a simple makeover?

From low-water plants to simple projects I can help your gardening easy and will make a green thumb out of anyone.

Drought -tolerant yards can be done in different ways, when converting your front or backyard lawn to soil. This is a process for converting your front yard to good soil with no grass, without ripping up every blade of grass or taking the top layer off your soil. It actually builds up the soil while killing the grass. It is also extremely inexpensive (water and fuel for hauling compost).

I particularly like this because California is facing an impending drought, this may not change in the next few years, and frankly I’m tired of watering my front yard. I want only drought-tolerant plants in my front yard, and fruiting trees and bushes on a drip system. It would be my pleasure to help design your front or back yard.

I provide project planning, design and will manage the project from beginning to end! Succulents are a low maintenance and smart way to replace grass. They can be combined with a range of drought tolerant plants and rocks to create a vibrant, colorful look adding an all season appeal to your yard or garden! I would love to design and create the garden of your dreams!!

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Drought tolerant yard convert your yard to good soil with no grass.

Drought -tolerant yards backyard lawn to soil.

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