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Succulents are the perfect living centerpieces for all your special events. Our arrangements are unique succulents. We’ll create a personal touch to these beautiful air plants, and other lush leafy specimens that make lovely arrangements and last indefinitely. Inquire about pricing, availability, and styles of arrangements.

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Succulent favors!!  Take one home and let love grow!  Beautiful succulent favors are an eco-friendly solution and creative way to thank your guests with their name, table # or a simple thank you note attached to a craft stick.  I will work around any theme and color pattern you have. I promise to make your favors or centerpieces a beautiful memory of your special day!  I use the finest soil, and can add decorations such as pebbles, rocks, pearls, moss, etc.  I will hand deliver your favors, to avoid any possible damage.  I will also provide safe shipping in the United States only.

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